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Fight the fight!

When I found out that my Uncle Freddie had pancreatic cancer shortly after my breast cancer diagnosis this summer, I was devastated to say the least to hear the news. Cancer is my least my favorite word and it’s just heard far too often lately.  After many appointments to the doctor, he decided that he didn't want chemo.  We saw him quickly begin to go downhill, visiting my parents’ house on Saturday mornings less often.  We missed those moments, especially during football season.  We’d often get up and go over to see him when he’d stop by and our conversations always revolved around our Tigers and pretty much Clemson everything.  He knew the stats, the players, and the inside scoop. We loved watching a game with him, as his excitement was infectious. 
Good food was another thing he loved and he was an incredible cook.  Right before he was diagnosed, he offered to make us the best twice baked potatoes to freeze and pull out when in need of a quick dinner.  He asked me how many I wanted and I was quick to say, maybe 6-8, and two days later he showed up with 20.  Talk about a sweet man?  We just finished them off recently and just last night Jett asked me if we had some more.  My heart sunk when I told him we didn’t..  And we won’t.  I’ll try to recreate them but it’ll be impossible.  I’m sure I won’t use enough butter, shrimp, mushrooms, or cheese.  They were mouthwatering.  And to think that even on the brink of being ever so sick, he managed to think of others.  That is the heart of a servant.  
So growing up I was the youngest Knight grandchild for over 10 years until the greats came along.  I got a lot of “extra” love and care from the family.  And Uncle Freddie was always the key baby whisperer and could make things all better.  As long as he didn’t wear a ball cap, I loved him to hold me.

Ball caps weren’t my thing back in the day since my daddy used one to tell me no once.  So Freddie learned to learn to leave the cap at the door if he wanted anything to do with me. 

He was rarely late and never missed a function.  The day Jett was born he was the first visitor that morning.  I’ll never forget him walking through the door smiling the biggest smile and holding our newborn baby with such pride.  

He always came to birthday parties, graduations, weddings, showers, baby dedications.  

He never missed a Christmas Eve of coming over to my parents’ house bringing gifts...always an ornament for me to go on the tree and gifts for my niece and Jett.  

He was quick on the move though, didn’t visit for very long, but you knew he loved you and would give you the shirt off his back.  It was rare to see him in something other than the color orange or a Clemson shirt of some type.  His jeans were always perfectly starched and creased, and he wore cowboy boots most every day. 
He was strong in his opinion, said a few choice words at times, and you always knew where he stood.  He quickly told you what was on his mind and didn’t really have a problem if you didn’t agree.
Seeing him last Sunday and hearing him faintly say “I love you”,  and laying his feeble body over Jett when he hugged him, sealed my heart completely.  
He was real.  He was loved. And he’ll be missed.

We will celebrate him tomorrow with lots of our family and friends at the church he grew up in and one that means so much to us.  

And then on Saturday, we’ll venture to an Insider Event sponsored by Bon Secours in Clemson for the second part of being selected as a  Spirit of the Tiger honoree, where I’ll receive my signed football, take tours of all facilities, and be in THE place he loved dearly.  I can’t think of a better place to be in than the hills of dear ol’ Clemson after laying a die hard fan to rest.  He’d say his blood runneth orange and I’ll say that his memory will live forever. 
So chemo #14 was in his honor.  The infusion time was quiet, peaceful, and calm. Just the way it should be after a sad loss.  My parents came.  My nurse was amazing.  And all went fairly smoothly.  My platelet count was good but my bilirubin numbers were a little off.  They’ll do an ultrasound of my liver soon to be on the safe side.  They think it could be due to the antibiotics I’m on with the crazy fingernails.   During this scary news report I couldn’t help but think that an angel was in the room, sitting beside me, along with the presence of Jesus.  That angel being Freddie.  Cheering me on, telling me to fight the fight.  I could almost hear him say not to worry that everything would be ok.  That made today a little different, knowing that he’s watching down over me.  The ride to the center and home was quiet with my daddy, as the sadness hovers over us all.  He lost a brother and a best friend, and we lost our uncle and a good man.  
Thanks for all the prayers for our family.  

“Tears are prayers too.  They travel to God when we cannot speak.” Psalm 56:8



So superstition is my daddy’s middle name.  Black cats, the number 13, taking different routes to and from locations,  standing under ladders, umbrellas open inside....but number 13 was uneventful and I’m glad.  He sat in his chair and timed the first 15 minutes of Taxol which is when the reactions have occurred and I know prayed lots to make sure his girl was going to be ok!  J was right beside me too, grabbing blankets when I’m cold or a delicious snack when I need a little sweet in my life!  

My day started at school decorating for Christmas with my students and ended with a delicious bowl of soup made with love by my friend Meagan and bed.  My treatment was super easy, with another wonderful nurse, and I had the sweetest surprise visitor stop by.  Mrs. Sharon saw me during my Benadryl drip, so I think she saw more of my eyelids and tons of yawning, but I so enjoyed our time together.

A friend of mine posted something on Facebook the other day that I truly believed and it was this... find joy in the journey and y’all, I found it.  

I have seen it from the very beginning of this diagnosis and with God’s abundant grace, His love, and you ALL, each day I’ve been able to see the joy.  Just this week one of my former students organized a fundraiser for me.  He’s a senior at Mauldin High School and has developed a go-cart racing club to raise money to help others AND his first fundraiser is for me.  He approached his principal at Open House in September with this idea and told him about me being his former 2nd grade teacher and my diagnosis.  He explained that he wanted to form a club that would continue each year, allowing students to have fun racing, but also helping others in the community.  The principal immediately emailed me to explain Will’s proposal and shared that his wife had had breast cancer and was cancer free after 6 years.  Talk about an awesome kid and school leader serving others and bringing JOY to the world!  And as we were eating lunch today, who walked in but Will’s parents.  How proud they must be of their son and his giving heart.  So come join us this coming Monday night at 6:30 at Frankie’s Fun Park.  Boogity-boogity-let’s go racing, y’all!  Here’s some more info...

And the joy just never ends... when we walk into the cancer center building, the staff knows our names, gives the best hugs, and makes each visit as pleasant as can be. We always begin with the lab girls who are adorable and keep me
Laughing, and then the scales, temperature and blood pressure (today mine was near perfect, which never happens), and then the nurse always ask if I’ve felt hopeless or depressed in the last week.  I’ve been so fortunate to answer “no” to that question each time.  God has blessed our family with so much, placed this speed bump in our life to bring us closer to Him, and I can count on that to get me through the hard times.  So hopeless...never!  Sometimes sad and fearful.  But that’s natural, right?  Emotional roller coaster is more like it!  Tears come quite often.   Joyful ones and sad ones, but never have I felt hopeless.  As we were walking up the huge staircase, I couldn’t help but smile and cry in the same breath as J literally held me up as we climbed each step. My friends at school can testify to seeing me happy and fine one minute, to full on ugly tears the next second when telling a story or pouring my heart out.  And I can’t end a prayer without crying.  Sometimes I have to just so much to say and I just have to stop.  I try to always remember that God knows my prayers without even hearing them, but saying how grateful I am and praying for so many of my friends and family is important to me.  So He’s ok with my crazy self, I’m sure.  
Today’s devotion on Our Daily Bread app was perfect!  My friend Sommer texted me and asked if she could bring french  toast (one of my favs) and bacon for breakfast....so when the title for the devotion was another breakfast combo, “Ham and Eggs”, I had to chuckle. The short jist was about the fable of the chicken and the pig choosing a meal at a restaurant, when the chicken suggests that they have ham and eggs and the pig objects, not caring to put himself on the platter.  He said he wanted to be “committed, but not fully involved”.  The Bible story that was tied in was about Asa and Hanani and how Asa tried to rely on human help of delivering treasures from the Lord’s temple to secure help, over trusting in God’s complete help, to break up a treaty between two Kings, one of Israel and one of Aram.  This little lesson was perfect as we see two things...we must be totally committed to Him, and also FULLY involved in our daily walk!  
Jett boy has been so good this week, getting ready for school and listening!  His elf has left him several treats and the official countdown to Christmas is on and we can’t wait!  

As I’m typing this, it’s 3 am, and it’s truly the first time in a very long time I’ve had an almost sleepless Friday night, after chemo...and that usually doesn’t happen after a sleepless Thursday night on steroids.  Maybe I’m just excited about a little ACC championship game we’ve got coming up!  Go Tigers!  Don’t know how much of this late game I’ll see, but hoping for a big win!

I’ll end with this card that a parent sent in today with the sweetest message...

How true is that!?  God allows us to fall down and get right back up,  standing tall like a cactus in the desert, blooming.  He provides us with the strength each day and I’m so thankful.  
Oh and mark your calendars!  They’ve changed my last chemo time on Friday, December 22 to 8 in the morning so we’re hoping for our NO “MO” CHEMO- HO HO
HO celebration to take place right after that around 11.  Christmas carols around the beautiful statue of Jesus, Santa and his sleigh, and bells! We’ve got lots to ring for during this season of the year, and what better way to celebrate than a little ringing and singing “Happy Birthday”to our Savior.  

Here’s some prayer requests for the upcoming weeks ahead...

-prayers for my uncle currently fighting for his life with pancreatic cancer
-prayers for all others living each day with this terrible “c” word and their strength and caregivers
-prayers for 13 more school wake ups as these days are fun, exciting, but exhausting
-prayers for wellness and that the winter yuckies stay away 
-prayers for 3 more treatments and upcoming MRI and surgeon visit
-pray for my fingers...the Taxol causes a crazy fingernail issue that’s painful and I’m about to loose two of my fingernails
-prayers for all of my wonderful caretakers (Special shout out to the two unbelievable MOMs in my life!  My mother-in-law wrapped all my Christmas presents for me, and my mom who takes care of Jett whenever I need her and helps me with so much!)

Find your joy, friends!  Love to all!  

“The eyes of the Lord range throughout the Earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.” Chronicles 16:9


A dozen DONE!

Each week I like to share a song that has moved me and this afternoon as we were listening to a playlist on my phone, this one came on.  Phil Wickman’s “You’re Beautiful” is one of my favs.  The lyrics are simple and truly praise
God’s name.  He is beautiful and so is His plan.  

Today’s treatment was to be short and sweet with no doctor 
or physican assistant visit due to the holidays.  We ate a nice, relaxing lunch since I didn’t have school, grabbed donuts for the nursing staff, and then headed to the hospital.  

We sat down and I immediately remembered that I did not put my lidocaine cream on my port site for numbing as it is accessed.  I threw a big old blob on the port site but was too late.  20 minutes just doesn’t do the trick.  It takes a full hour to numb and I could’ve cried and the injection hurt.  I learned my lesson and will never forget to apply it again.  I had it in my purse and all to put it on at lunch and just forgot.  I also forgot to take my steroids yesterday morning and had to adjust the timing of those all day yesterday.  My brain just doesn’t do its  job sometimes and that’s hard to accept.  J does such a good job reminding me of lots of things in such suttle, sweet ways but I still have “chemo brain” and let me say that it is NO JOKE!  Soooooo, the port being accessed was painful, but the blood collection went well (thank the Lord), my platelet count was awesome, and we were set for chemo #12.  Straight back we went to a tv room for my guys to watch a little Miami vs. Pitt football game.  What a win for Pitt!  This Clemson fan was a little happy to see the outcome of that one as we play them soon. Now let’s just hope they don’t come after us harder than ever in the ACC championship.  I usually chose a window room, but with good college football on, how could I not let my guys watch a good game as they are so sweet to sit with me each week.  
Recently St. Francis received the first grant in the state with Angie’s Spa Cancer Foundation to help cancer patients reduce side effects going through chemo. One of the therapist that I adore asked me a few weeks ago if I would be willing to share my testimony and how the massages offered have helped me while undergoing therapy.  

I of course say yes and so today was the day when they came and took some videos/pics.  I did remember to paint my toenails (thanks to one of J’s sweet notes) but I had my dad run my wig to the wig store so they could wash/style it for me with the long weekend and it takes a little time. Let’s just say it needed some “umph” put back in it.. So today I just threw on another wig a friend so graciously let me borrow, and a ball cap.  I totally thought they’d just filming my feet as the massage was being given, right.  Nah!  It was a real live video recording of me speaking.  Oh well... Real life, right?  God doesn’t care how you look if you are praising His name on a regular day or during a storm?  The massages have been amazing and there’s not been a single week that they’ve not come by and given my feet a little love.  Both therapists, Lynne and Lucy have been awesome.  And since no manicures or pedicure are allowed, due to infection, these are super close to the relaxation aspect.  Thank you for this treat, y’all!  
As I was sharing my testimony, my chemo nurse was listening in and came over afterwards and said to me  “I heard you say that you believe in our Lord and Savior”.  She was my nurse last week and today and she said she firmly believed that God made that happen.  She then asked if she could pray with us.  See, she’s part of the the puzzle that God is putting together.  He placed her there both Fridays to take good care of me and help run the medicines as to heal my body.  I cried like a baby when she walked out, as the blessings just keep coming.  My friend Brooke and her daughter Kennedy brought me the biggest, most delicious milkshake, some adorable clothes, and lots of love, and then my sweet mother in law came and helped us wrap up this treatment.  In awe is how I feel on most of days. Seriously.  Your meals, calls, cards, etc.  They leave us speechless and help so much.  God commands us to be still and He tell us that He will fight for you.  Being still is not something I do well but on Fridays at the Cancer Center, I have to be.  I feel his presence in that building, in the waiting room, in the labs, in the cancer pod, in my cubicle, holding me in the chair.  It’s a wonderful, all consuming feeling.  So know that as I’m being still, I read your texts and messages and they all make me smile and cry some too.  I am changed forever, as this journey will always be a part of my life.  After being done with a DOZEN, I can honestly say that four more is doable and within reach.  In reach by God’s amazing grace and the constant assurance of His goodness.  

Here’s an amazing blog from Proverbs 31 that my cousin sent me today.  With Thanksgiving just yesterday, it was just what I needed this morning as I woke up.  Read it when you get a chance.  It made me more thankful for ALL things, and not just on Thanksgiving Day.  

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18


Give thanks, with a grateful heart

This Thanksgiving has a whole new meaning to me, as I am truly more thankful for every second of each day than I ever have been before.  I am thankful that on June 18th, I found my lump.  I am thankful that I followed through with seeing the doctor and took the proper steps to determine exactly what it was.  I am thankful for all of the nurses and doctors that saw me quickly and helped me start my journey to a cure.  I am thankful for my husband, my sweet Jett, my parents, my in-laws, and all of my family and friends who have amazingly stood by my side each and every day.  I am thankful for a God that is real and that has never left me alone and sustains me.  And I am thankful for His promises and for life.   A full life.  37 and a half years.

On July 12, the day of my diagnosis, I didn’t really know what this cancer journey would look like. I soon found out that the chemo part of the treatment would fall during the season of FALL. Hmmm… And guess what?  Fall is truly my most favorite season of the year.  Trying to think positively, I couldn’t help but think that college football would take center stage on TV, pumpkins, scarecrows, and leaves would be the decorations around town, the color orange (my favorite) would be shining brightly everywhere, and the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays would be just around the corner. Knowing all of this made the doom of CHEMO seem a tad brighter.  And a bright spot it has been.  With treatments on Friday, my Saturdays have been busy with a Clemson game to watch on TV almost every weekend, we’ve carved pumpkins, the color orange has consumed my wardrobe, house, and more, and now the holidays are here.  And I can officially see the light at the end of the treatment tunnel, with 5 more to go.   This season of my life has flown by.  Seriously.  I stand back and think about how fast this season has come and gone.  With these last treatments I've been super tired and I've had had a terrible numbing pain in my fingers, but all in all, those have really been the only two side effects from the Taxol, once the terrible reactions were stopped.  What a blessing that those ended and now we can start celebrating some as the journey is slowly approaching its halfway mark!  

As Thanksgiving approaches, I can’t wait to spend time with my family and eat delicious meals prepared by hands filled with such love.  My mouth is watering now thinking about the yumminess that's coming.  And for the exercising afterwards, as known as shopping on Black Friday, it's still

up in the air as to whether I'll go.  I love the crowds and the thrill

of a good deal but...the steroids will have to be working really well to make me go.  My stamina has diminished TONS in the last few weeks.  My doctor told me at treatment #11 that I would begin to really feel the exhaustion kick in over the course of these last five treatments and he wasn’t lying.  Just this week I felt a difference.  I did do most of my decorating so that I can enjoy the holidays.  But that about did me in.  

And then I tried super hard to wrap some Christmas presents on Sunday and got frustrated as my fingers just didn't work when trying to tie pretty bows and tags on, and I couldn’t do all that I wanted to do.  I had to stop midway through.  Not being able to accomplish all that I wanted to and more upset me. I've been told that I have to learn to ask for help and also realize that Christmas is still a pretty good ways away.  But...I like for everything to be just so, and yes I’m a tad bit OCD.  But the good news is that the shopping has mostly been done and the finishing touches will happen. I must be patient and I just keep telling myself the time will come.

When things seem to be falling apart around me and I feel overwhelmed…I try so hard to give it all to Him.  This week Jett was being a typical almost 4 year old, stalling during the "getting ready for school process", arguing over his socks, his shirt, the right jeans to wear, his stuffed animal that he wanted to take to school, and more.  He was just pushing my buttons more than normal.  I seriously stopped dead in my tracks, raised my hands and prayed.  I asked Jesus to intervene.  And He did.  Jett looked at me with this little sideways grin afterwards, and all I could do was cry and hug his neck.  Times aren't always easy and the Lord knows that when we are weak, He is strong and He picks us up.  This week, I was searching Pinterest for some fun things to do with my students and came across the most wonderful blog.  


Wow!  Just the title grabbed my heart.  The most recent blog post tugged at me and tugged hard!  “How to be Truly Thankful” was the title and here were the 4 main points:

1.   Lower Your Expectations

2.  Give Thanks for the Hard Things

3.  Be Humble Towards God

4.  Allow God to Use You, Even If It Means That He Will Break You


That last one knocked me to my knees.  I’ve been broken so many times over the last few months....just the other day when being a mommy was tough to living with cancer in my body.  But yet God has never given up on me.  I know that He's using me for great things and I’m thankful for his master plan.

Speaking of great things, yesterday, one of my best friends, Jane, drove once again from Georgia to spend time with me.  Even though we only saw each other awake for less than 6 hours, the time was just so special.  She loves our Lord and it shows.  She loves her family and it shows. She loves giving to others and it shows.  And she loves my family and I love hers.  I couldn’t wait to give her a bracelet that I had made for her that said “No one fights alone.”  That says it all.  Even being over 5 hours away, knowing that she is praying for me fervently and daily, means the world to this me.  A stroll around Target, a Starbucks in hand, Carolina Fine Foods hamburgers for dinner, PJ Masks on the TV for Jett, and just to sit on the couch with her was just what I needed for a Monday night after a long day at school.  A little Christmas present exchange of course had to happen, since we won't see each other over the holidays.  She gave Jett the most precious book called The Giving Manger.  It is a fun, interactive Christmas book that helps families focus on giving and the true meaning of Christmas.  With the simplest manger and baby Jesus, comes straw for the child to place around Jesus every time a good deed is done for others.  We’ll begin this very soon as it’s never too early to teach the importance of giving to others during a season where so many times we focus on what’s given to us, especially the little ones. 

 So thankful I am.  Ever so thankful. 

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with those you love.  Hug every single person a little tighter this year.  Tomorrow is never promised.  

"For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under Heaven...a time to cry and a time to laugh. A time to grieve and a time to dance."  Ecclesiastes 3:1,4


Chemo #11

These song lyrics popped into my head this afternoon while waiting to see my oncologist and never left my brain while at the cancer center.  His presence was felt and my heart was filled immensely throughout chemo #11.  My platelet count was higher than it had ever been and how grateful was I to hear that news.  It seems like every single day kiddos are sick in my classroom or I hear about littles that have a bug in my Sunday school class or at Jett's school.  God has been so faithful in keeping my body well so that I can take the treatment each and every week.  And this week!  Whoa!  He showed out and prepared me well so that I could knock another one off the list! 
My sweet friend Brandi met me at the center so that we could love on one of our nurse navigators that was diagnosed just last month.  Sarah has worked with oncology patients for over 20 years, navigating them in the kindest way throughout the cancer journey.  And then bam.  She's diagnosed with BC, herself.  It's just crazy how so many people, right here in Greenville, SC, are hearing those words.."you have cancer."  Sarah's got a great attitude and we are proud to stand alongside her through every step of this battle. We had to get her a little something to hang on her door as she's fighting!  

The one Brandi gave me means so much and I never start my day without seeing it along with the precious messages written on the back from some of my dearest friends. 

Brandi is always just so thoughtful and today brought me the most adorable cuddle monster that you can heat in the microwave to take away those aches and pains I've been dealing with because of the Taxol.  I have a feeling a little fellow named Jett may claim him because he's so stinking cute.  When I lay down at night I usually have a heating pad or rice bag around my shoulders to help with the pain and that sweet boy always snuggles super close to feel the warmth.  And now he can share this little monster.  Now for the FIZZY bath bombs.  I'll hide them for and keep for myself.  

The last time I went for treatment they had a very hard time drawing blood so I was a little apprehensive about this.  But guess what...I drank tons of water beforehand and could've filled ten viles yesterday if I needed to so that was another huge blessing.  The last chemo day when it was just my daddy and I, he went back with me to have my port accessed and for the blood draws.  He saw the fear in my eyes when no blood would flow and when the nurse told me to start some deep breathing and coughing to help get it started, he thought I was in pain and it just worried him so.  He was tickled to know that this time was a piece of cake.  Water and prayers did the trick!  

J was with me every step of the way this time.  I missed him so much last week.  He's my candy getter, my bag carrier, my water, pillow, blanket monitor, and my heart and soul.  Today we took caramel popcorn to all of the staff at the cancer center to show how grateful we are to them.  From the secretaries, to the ladies in the lab, the nurses, doctors, and valet guys!  They are top knotch and we wanted them to know how thankful we are everyday for them, not just during this Thanksgiving season.   I wish I could do more for them, but a hug and some delicious caramel popcorn surely made their Friday a little sweeter!  

After treatment began and we were done with the scary   waiting period of the Taxol slowly being given, I was able to rest and fell asleep since I didn't any sleep on Thursday night again, due to the steroids.  The warm sun on my back, two of my favorite guys sitting near me, and after a foot massage, my eyes got heavy and I rested until the sweetest visitor walked into my room with the biggest smile!  Dr. Keith!!  I've mentioned her before on here but she's the wonderful doctor that I've gone to for years that brought Jett into this world.  She crawled up in my chair with me and gave me the sweetest hug that meant so much.  She's the one that told me the news of my cancer after fighting the battle herself not even 2 years ago.  She's been amazing during this whole trial, checking on me often, helping me choose doctors, answering tons of crazy questions when I call her, but also just easing my mind and seeing her bravery.  Walking alongside her at the fashion show was an honor just as it was to see her walk in the chemo pod yesterday.  She's a huge piece of the puzzle in God's masterpiece and I will praise Him because His works are wonderful.  

We have to remember that our Maker knew us inside and out before "one of them came to be".  Psalm 139:15-16 
We all have a purpose here on Earth!  Her purpose is BIG and tons love her as a doctor and as a wonderful person. 
So she left as the Taxol finished up, my nurse cut my hospital wristband off and I walked out of the center with the wildest and most appropriate shoes on my feet, and checked one more treatment off the list!  

My daddy likes to tell everyone that when treatments are over, they can't keep up with me going down the stairs, as I'm like a Tennessee walking horse-high stepping it out of that place like I'm on a mission.  I mean with fancy schmancy shoes like these who would'nt be running?  Nah!  I took the arm of my sweet J and carefully walked down the stairs with tons of gratefulness in my heart after a perfect treatment.  They take such good care of me but after a long day, I'm ready to be home. 

So this morning...after a good night's rest, I'm snuggled up by the tree, decaf coffee in hand (caffeine had to go-per doctor and nurses' ordered) and I'm enjoying a little bit of quiet/prayer/blogging time, thanking God for giving me strength, wisdom, love, and most of all courage. 
Love to all!  Remember to enjoy every single moment of this life God gave you.  Never be afraid to ask The Holy Spirit to fill you!  He will, as he's done for me many times.

Here are some upcoming prayer requests:
-5 more treatments 😁😁😁
-celebration day on December 22 as we celebrate NO MO CHEMO, HO Ho Ho (Christmas style)  around Jesus' statue at the cancer center with Santa and his elves!  All are welcome as we will ring the bells loudly and celebrate Jesus' upcoming birthday and wonderfulness!  Estimated time to be announced but will most like be around 4ish!  So dress warm and come celebrate!
-final MRI on December 28, praying for no residual cancer in my body
-surgeon visit on January 2 to set surgery date
-radiation to follow with 30 treatments
-the holiday season and that we never forget why we are celebrating 
-wellness for all and courage for those in many battles
-a sweet friend who will be having a mastectomy next week and those re-diagnosed that have been cancer free for years undergoing more surgery and chemo-my heart is just heavy right now for so many


Chemo #10

Every morning going to school we say our daily prayers and sing Matt Maher's song "Lord, I Need You".  
The words are so powerful and I love belting them out and now so does Jett boy!  

Don't know if this video will play but it makes me tear up every time! 
Teatment #10 went well.  No glitches, but also not much rest like I so hoped for since I didn't sleep one solitary second on Thursday night.  The steroids are doing their job for sure, and making my mind run 10.000 miles a minute during all hours of the day.  But I'll take it and thank the Lord that it helps.   The nurses have got this thing down with the Taxol, so I won't complain but man....was I exhausted when I got home after a long Friday.  

My sweet daddy was my sidekick, as J had to work 😰. He's been able to make them all except this one and I have a feeling he won't miss another one if he can help it.  He's a hard working fellow and we are so thankful for his job, so it's hard to complain.  
Each week a massage therapist comes by and offers a foot massage.  This is such a treat and so relaxing!  Add a heated, massage chair to the mix and it's pretty comfy.  I just knew that I was going to be able to close my eyes for a bit after this but, I'm a lot like my daddy and like to know everything that's going on around me so that didn't help my ability to sleep at the hospital.  (And a little nosy😯)

The real sleep came when I hit our comfy bed.  Whew!  
The holidays are around the corner and I couldn't be more excited to get the festivities started!  

When I made an appointment for Jett to have pics made with Santa, it totally slipped my mind that I'd be laying in the chemo chair.  Sooooooo who comes to the rescue every single time?  Precious Ninnie!  She took Jett to visit the big guy in the suit and it's the real deal this year.   Jett is so stinking excited and talks about Santa's workshop and his elves constantly.  His list was straight from the heart.  And I'm thinking if he can continue to be really good, we may be a super happy boy on Christmas morn.  

Santa asked lots of questions, especially about PJ Masks but loved all of the cowboy ideas.  We will just wait and see what he surprises us with!  

Teaching him about Jesus' birthday and seeing how much Jett already knows about our Lord and Savior, just makes this Momma's heart beam.  I pray that he'll always know the real reason for the season.  But...believing in Santa is pretty special too!  The magic is silent.  You don't hear it-you feel it, you know, and you believe it.  At least we do.  

Decorating will begin today.  It's a little earlier than I usually go for but I want to enjoy every single second of the beauty of  small detail...the ornaments on the tree, the nativity, the wreaths and bows, but mostly  the little hands that will help make our house light up!  And I have a feeling that there will be some cactus sprinkled around in every room of this home.  Little did I know how a prickly little cactus would change my life, but bring so much joy at the same time.  

6 more Friday treatments to go.  Final MRI on December 28, and then to surgeon to talk surgery.  Knowing that I'm almost a third of the way through the process keeps my focus strong and am thankful everyday for God's love and grace that he bestows upon us.  Thanks for all your continuous support and prayers.  The weeks seem to fly by, but I'm getting closer to kicking this cactus that stuck me!  And what better way than to celebrate that and Christmas than with a "no mo chemo" celebration!!!  Plan on joining us if you will on Friday, December 22 around 4 pm, around the gorgeous statue of Jesus at the Cancer Center off Laurens Road.  Santa will be there, and we will ring our bells of joy, singing and praising our Savior, wishing him a very happy birthday!  

"Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth, peace and good will toward men."  Luke 2:14

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