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Strong, unchanging, tough. 
Stacked, they can make huge mountains. 
Standing tall to see the world.  

Haiku-written by the teacher in me πŸ˜€
***You can tell I’m missing the classroom when I’m writing poetry in my spare time ?***

Father’s Day and our anniversary will always have a whole new meaning to me each year as it’s the day I found my tumor.  I’ll never forget that second my hand touched it under my armpit.  It was like a punch in the throat, my heart skipped a beat and my stomach turned all at once.  
What did I just feel?  It has to be a hormonal cyst.  It just had to be.  After a much needed nap with Jett, on a wonderful, joyous occasion celebrating my daddy,  my father-in-law, my husband, and our anniversary (which so happened to fall on Father’s Day), my mood seemed to change from happy to helpless.  I told J what I had found and then worried myself about it until I could see my doctor.
And after our beach trip the following week, my life changed forever.

As we prepare to celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, I can’t help but know that I’ll squeeze the men in my life a little tighter on their special day.  They’ve been such huge supporters of mine during this trial. I’ll never forget calling J and having him meet me at my doctor’s office, as she gave us the news of my cancer.  We crumbled together, but immediately, hand in hand, began the fight.  He was my constant and so encouraging the entire journey. 

 My daddy was the same.  Telling him the news was horrible, as both a mom and dad never want to see their child go through something like this.  He faithfully sat in my chemo room, and watched every drop of those meds enter my body.  

And then when I told my father-in-law, who at the time was ill and fighting for his life, seeing him shed tears and squeezing my hand as I asked him to fight alongside me, meant so much.

Those were some of the hardest moments,  but these three men have been like “rocks” along my path this past year. 
 In fact, miracles have taken place and my father-in-law is doing awesome, back to fishing and enjoying time with his grandchildren.  My dad spends his days refinishing his old barns, and is moving well after serious neck surgery.  He loves playing with his dog, Buddy, and of course loving on his grands too.  
And Jeremy, well...he’s just busy, working like crazy, roping, and being a great dad and husband.  

Rocks are tough, and strong, like our fathers. 
They don’t change easily, which is good because I sure need stable goodness in my life.  
And stacked, rocks make mountains.
 These men stand tall daily, like boulders, and provide for us in this life we are living.
And I can stand on the edge and see our beautiful world, with them ever so present,  thanking God for putting them in lives.   
And the best rock is Jesus.  
When things get tough and you hit the bottom, you discover that there is one rock you can completely stand on.  
Our Heavenly Father. 

This week has been tough. 
 I’ve called His name many times in need.  I feel 80 years old most days, as my body aches and my hands and feet look super gross as they are peeling and cracked from the chemo drug.   Mommy guilt has set in that my stamina isn’t what if used to be and that my 4 year old is BUSY.  His nap time days seem to be over, and mine haven’t stopped.  My sweet little buddy accidentally stepped on my old broken toe nail (caused from the Taxol drug)  as he’s always one precious inch away from me most times. He saw me cry and then he cried.  And he asked me this week if I was going to Heaven soon.  These things have had me on my knees.  Praying, crying, laughing...my emotions run wild.  But yet I grab him and hold him ever so tight as I’m thankful to be his mommy and be alive.  I’m his rock.  And he is mine.  He keeps me grounded and helps me see the important things in life.  The flowers he picks are the most gorgeous ones on the planet, his sweet kisses I’ll cherish forever.  I never tire of hearing him call me mommy.  And I relish in every second that we get to spend together.  Even when I’m tired and weak and just plain wore out.  

So as he stood on this mountain of rocks at the roping pen last night, I couldn’t help but sing this song to myself, “Rock of ages, cleft for me, let me hide myself in thee.”

  God who is unchanging, steady, and immovable, has made a way for me to hide in His cleft at times and be found by Jesus.  
There have been times when I’ve wanted to hide and try to forget about this disease, and I’ve fallen down many times during this journey, but I then remember I have so much to live for.  
Life is tough, like a rock, and with Him, there is hope.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the wonderful men out there.  

Know you are loved and appreciated for being our rocks!  

“And when my heart is faint, lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”   Psalm 61:2


Side by side

This past weekend by far was one of the most wonderful, exhausting,( physically and emotionally), but so full of fun.  Thursday afternoon we set up The Swanky Steer, and started the business that Erica and I both have dreamed of for years.  I couldn’t help but be a little nervous at the beginning, thinking...

•would people come
•would they like our stuff
•would the credit card machine work
•would we have enough merchandise 
•would we be successful 

And all these “would be” statements proved to be true!  People came and then came back 10 more times over the course of the weekend, we had plenty of merchandise to offer, and the precious, compliments given, meant the most to both of us.  We had so much fun talking with all that stopped by, hearing their stories, helping them find the perfect outfit, and spending time with our family.  

Our guys were our biggest supporters, helping set up, watching the kids, bagging purchases, tearing down, grabbing food, and more.  We were all “side by side”, working together, the entire time and that brought me to tears several times.  Not only during this business journey have we been close, but throughout my treatment road, these friends have been by our side each step of the way.  

The story in the Bible that I thought of after this weekend is when the Jews rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. They stood right beside each other.  They worked together, priests worked with rulers, perfume makers worked with goldsmiths, and people from other places came help.  

And the same happened with us.  
Erica and I worked side by side, setting up, wrapping up purchases, closing up for the night, and then returning the following morning. 
Our sweet friends came and offered their time to help us launch this business, tagging clothes, preparing bags, folding tees, pricing jewelry, etc.  
We’ve all heard that it takes a village to raise a child.  
And let me just say that it takes an army to start a business.  Literally...the vendors, the UPS man, our families, friends, and more, have given their time to raise this business from the ground up, and we commend them all for loving on us during this journey.  They have stood by our side, as we’ve tried to create a community where we can love on others and share His goodness.  

So many that came by, stepped into our 10x10 set-up, carrying worry, loss, happiness, excitement, loneliness, and lots more emotions that we never knew of. 
 And as I stop to think about the broken walls of Jerusalem when they crumbled, they are just like all of our broken lives.  So many are fighting big battles daily, with new diagnosis's, family issues, and just plain brokenness.

  Just last night I went to a visitation of a young mother that passed away.  I’ve just prayed constantly for her family and young child, that God will wrap His arms around them, giving them the guidance to raise this precious girl.  He’s so good and I just know that He will walk with them every second of the day. 
 Side by side, that’s how this family will get through these hard times as they grieve the loss
of their daughter, sister, mother, and friend.  

What would we do without our God?  

I don’t see how someone can go through a trial without having Him to lean on.  

I know I’d crumble.  

I’d be in a heap on the floor. 

He’s carried me so far during my 37 years and I have faith knowing that He’s not going to leave me now.  

Zach Williams has a great song called “My Liberty” and I can’t help but love it.  

Running to Him, Wild and free.... 
And having so many by my side, have made this journey unforgettable.

So week 2 of the chemo drug, Xeloda, began today.

  My hands are peeling some and my finger nails and toe nails are acting up again.  During the Taxol chemo treatment, all of my finger nails lifted from the bed of my finger and have never grown back together.  So right now I have a thumb nail hanging on my a thread and I’m about to lose both toe nails. 

 Gross? Right!  But thank God for summertime and flipflops.  I mean what if it was 20 degrees and I had to wear socks and closed toed shoes?  
So once again, God is all knowing and knows my exact needs.  

Last Wednesday when I went to check in with my doctor after my first round of this new chemo drug, I saw a new lab nurse, who was going to get a blood sample to check those levels.  She really struggled accessing my port, which led to my nerves being shot.  Tears came on like a waterfall, and finally one of the other ladies who always accesses it, moved me to her little room, flipped me upside down so the blood would start flowing. I called His name and all my fear went away, as the blood starting flowing almost immediately.  I hugged her neck, and thanked God for having her there at that time to take my worries away.  

So side by side, the nurses, doctors, receptionists, and other staff, have been there for me. All the way.  

June is a big month with Father’s Day, our anniversary, and my birthday.   I can’t wait to celebrate these three occasions, “side by side” and “hand in hand” with my tribe. 
I’m so grateful, blessed, and lucky to have another day of life on this beautiful Earth with precious people that I hold so dear.  

So do me a favor!  Find your “side by side”
Give them a squeeze and thank them. 
 We are never promised tomorrow. 
 Never forget that!  

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.”  Ecclesiastes 4:9


Peace, bring it all to peace

Bring it all to peace.
The storm surrounding me, let it break at Your name.
Still, call a sea to still.
The rage in me to still, every wake at Your name.  
Jesus, Jesus...You make the darkness tremble.
Jesus, Jesus....You silence fear!  
Jesus, Jesus...You make the darkness tremble.
Jesus.  Jesus.
And it’s why I sing!  
Your praise will ever be on lips.
“Tremble”~Bethel Music 

Whew!  This song just makes me want to want to stand on the top of a mountain and sing it at the top of my lungs.  I can’t tell you how many times during these last 10 months I’ve felt peace.  And still.  I’ve had many days where I’ve truly been still.  Still enough to feel his love and presence around me.  Still enough to just call out His name when fear creeps in.  And still enough to pray for others.  Just this week, a friend of a friend was given a diagnosis that wasn’t easy to hear.  My heart just breaks for her and her family but know that just as God sustained me through my battle, He will be there for her ALL the way.  Two friends I mentioned in a former post are going through chemo and surgery soon.  I know their fear and hate that they are having to go through this pain.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve felt a real push from the Lord,  to reach out,  ministering to these precious people.  Whether it’s breast cancer, or another illness, I want them to know that our God is good and will never leave them.  I had many wonderful people tell me that during the early days of my diagnosis and that reassurance was just what I needed to hear.  Just please pray for me as I do my best to help others during their battles and pray for those that are sick.  
These last two weeks have been full of fear and the unknown as I really didn’t know what this oral chemo would do to my body.  All I could think about was the terrible way that my original chemo regimen made me feel.  I talked to a nurse with the online prescription company that fills it each time, for a solid hour, as she told what all it could do.  I then met with a precious pharmacist at the Cancer Center, here in Greenville.  She calmed my nerves tremendously and this first round hasn’t been too bad.  The common side effects are mouth sores-none so far, nausea-I’ve had none, diarrhea-none of that either, fatigue-yeah I’m tired most of the time, and hand/foot syndrome(blistering and peeling of hands and feet)-my hands are slightly red and peeling a tiny bit.  
So daily, I thank Him for yet another day to walk this Earth, feeling good, more hours to spend with our angel boy and my family, and for His faithfulness.  I know that I have MANY more 2 week cycles of the Xeloda but the first round has been good to me.  I see my doctor next week and will have blood work done and we’ll determine if I’m on the right dosage.  5,000 mg a day is a lot and taking 7 pills every morning and 7 at night is NO fun.  But once again, I try to just swallow those bad boys and know that they are keeping any cancer away from my body.  Since the tumor didn’t shrink completely from 16 rounds of chemo, my doctor felt that this medicine was something I needed to take.  I trust my doctor and know that his decision is the best for me.  God gave him the knowledge to study each case and work with cancer patients, and I value his opinion even more knowing that He knows our Savior and is a praying man.  I also head back to the Gibbs center for a radiation follow up next week.  I’m super excited to see that little group of precious people.  They loved on me so during those 33 treatments and I’ll forever be grateful for their sense of calmness each and everytime I visited.  
So as I’m on medical leave through the end of this school year, I’ve had a lot of time to rest.  
I occasionally meet friends for lunch, and today I got to meet the designer that will be creating my outfit for the upcoming benefit in Greenville, Couture for a Cause on September 6.  All  proceeds will be going to the Greenville chapter of the American Cancer Society.   

 I’m super excited to see her drawings and hear her ideas,  as it has to be constructed from repurposed/recycled materials.  And my friend Jenny’s daughter, Amelia, who was diagnosed with retinoblastoma at 6 weeks, will be participating alongside me.  What an honor and privilege to walk the runway with her, as she’s gone through so much during such a short little life.  She’s my hero and “port sister”.  
So other than a few lunches here and there, I truly am able to have lots of quiet time, catch up on some Netflix, do chores around the house, clean out some closets, and work on this new small business adventure. 
 So many of you have been so supportive of this endeavor Erica and I have begun, and we can’t thank you enough for your excitement and kind words of encouragement.  As I sit back each day, I can’t help but think that God knew exactly what He was doing by opening this door for us. 
I needed a task in my life to keep the darkness from creeping in.  My creative teacher brain of course isn’t in the classroom, and I miss my job.  I miss teaching the children and the comraderi with my peers. But I know that I made the right decision by staying out the rest of the year.  Being on chemo does keep my immune system down, and it makes me tired.  And if I can’t give 100% to those children, which my precious sub is giving 200%, I’ll stay home and return in August, full speed, God willing.  
Just to see, once again, the Lord’s hand in this season of my life and starting this business has been unbelievable.  The people that we’ve met and the stories we’ve heard  has  reaffirmed that the Swanky Steer is part of God’s plan for our lives.  It’s truly been a family affair,  as our husbands and dads are working on pieces for our pop-ups.  

The children are super excited and Jett’s already gotten quite a collection of toys that he thinks he will sell at “the store”.  It’s been so cool, finding unique antiques to display our items, finding unique accessories that y’all are going to love,  and the cutest clothes that I could put in my closet today.  We’re so excited to share everything with you all.  
But giving God all the glory is what it’s all about.  
Without Him, none of this would’ve come together.  
My devotional this morning was entitled “Christ in You”.  
The excerpt talked about being passionate about different things in life and when we use our gifts that God has given us, we will see His miraculous work throughout the world around us. 
And I’ve been seeing it a lot lately, all in his perfect, beautiful time.
And then I get the sweetest gift from a lady who used to babysit me.  This T-shirt.   Thank you sweet, Gina!  

“He made everything beautiful in its time.”  
Ecclesiastes 3:11
 So that’s what we hope to do when meeting people along this journey...
We want to shine His light, 
and live passionately for Him.  
He leads us, teaches us, comforts us, and more. 

May we be still, have peace, and forever cling to Him, 
on all of our days here on Earth.  
We are His children.  Don’t be a slave to fear.  
Listen to this song!  


The Swanky Steer

If you’ve known me for an hour, a day, months, or many years, you know that I have a big love for clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, and home decor.  I honestly take after my Granna (my mom’s mom) as she frequently visited the small town Belk and was constantly redecorating her beautiful home.  She had boxes of shoes and two closets full of clothes, and tons of beautiful jewelry to accessorize her perfect outfits.  She dressed her two daughters to a tee when growing up, with dresses she’d made my hand.  And she’d always try to pass down something when we visited her, to my mom or myself, with her kind soul. 

My parents also love to shop, and find fun antique stores, looking for good deals, and I think my dad likes it a little more than us all.  He’s always finding a new sport coat for Sundays, or a pair of shoes for a special occasion.
   And my best friend Erica, well, she loves it too.

 I’ll never forget when I was so sick after chemo, she’d come by with a shopping bag of clothes she’d found, completely outfitting me, purse and all. She knew just what would make me squeal with excitement, while feeling so yucky.
 And that’s love. 
She can bring tons of sunshine to the gloomiest day.  
She’s been by my side through every single step on this rocky road, bringing donuts to the nurses, food for our family, and holding my hand during the scariest times of my life.  She can make me laugh and think about the funniest things during the worst of times.  And that’s what best friends do and I love her for that.  So as I’ve been out on medical leave with radiation and now beginning an oral chemo regimen, I’ve had tons of time to pray, plan, and ponder this little idea.   
And having a best friend who has the same likes and interests, makes it so easy to begin a fun adventure.  
I once heard that a good friend knows all of your stories, but a best friend helps you write them. 
 And that describes our friendship perfectly.  
So with all that said, we’ve always had an idea in the back of our minds of starting a boutique of some sort.  
And that dream is beginning to come true.  
Best friends for over 20 years, Erica and I have always had a love for fashion and home decor.  Meeting each other in high school, staying in touch through college(at two different colleges), and then introducing her to her husband, J’s best buddy, we’ve become like family.  
The boys travel to team ropings on weekends,  all across the southeast, and we usually stay home with our little people, shop, eat dinner, and solve all of the world’s problems. 
 But not anymore.  We’re going with them!  
Realizing that each day is a gift, especially after my breast cancer diagnosis in July, proved that we could turn this dream into a reality, allowing for more family time.
So....The Swanky Steer is launching soon. 
We will begin with some local pop-ups and traveling some with our guys this summer.  And eventually we’ll be hauling a vintage horse trailer behind us, made with love by Erica’s Papa Bob, that’ll be used to showcase our products. We’ll have many different styles of ladies clothing, all with class and a whole lot of sass.  

Trendy t-shirts, tea towels, and pillows covers will be for sale, all made by hard working special education students under the supervision of their teacher, my precious cousin, Meredith.  Signature candles poured with love by our sweet friend Morgan at The Barn at PostOak, will be available, along with amazing jewelry, and several other “swanky” items. 
 This endeavor already, has been so much fun, and truly we’ve seen God’s handiwork the whole time.  We officially sat down and wrote out our “business plan” on April 16 (4/16). 
 And the very next week during my quiet time, I was studying Mark and that’s when I read Mark 4:16. 

The past nine months have been rocky but the seed that God has planted will bring so much joy.   
And that’s the exact feeling that we get when “working” to start this business.  
It’s been so fun having our pictures taken by Rachel Thompson-Moore, and pouring our branding ideas out while FaceTiming with a team of the cutest girls, Elliot and Erica, who have designed our brand and logo (Steeplechase Collective).  Meeting with vendors, and ordering products, has had us both “giddy”, especially when we each want to keep one of everything.  And all the while, God’s faithfulness and love are so present.  Our ultimate goal is to stay focused on THE ONE who brought us together.   We’ve prayed over this endeavor and asked God to lead, guide, and direct us every step of the way.  After reading another devotional,  on 4/16, this says it all.  
Through His love, we will love!  
And that’s exactly what we plan on doing. 
We can’t wait to help you find the perfect gift or outfit, share our story of God’s goodness, all while spreading joy in this life we are living.  

So come see us on Thursday, May 31 and Friday, June 1 at T. Ed Garrison arena for the SC High School rodeo finals.  
Or follow us on Instagram and enter our Giveaway contest and we’re on Facebook too!

“And may He work in us what is pleasing to Him, through Jesus Christ.”  Hebrews 13:21


Raising money!

So I’ve met my goal of $500 but our big goal of $15,000 has not been met and tomorrow is the last day to raise money for   the Susan G. Komen Power Women in Pink fundraising event!  If you are able to contribute, I’d greatly appreciate it!  Let’s find a cureπŸ’—πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ’— #tribecactus 


At last!!!

Yesterday morning I woke up super emotional, as my last radiation would be finished within a few hours.  The reality of this being the last step in my journey to seal these cells from taking over any more of my body, had me in full on cry mode.  That was until Jett woke up, hugged my neck, and said “today is party day, right mommy?”  Our last link was waiting for us to cut after this treatment was complete!
And so that helped.  And a party it was.  

Stopping by to get a Starbucks treat for us both, eased the drive as we prayed and rocked out to some of my favorite worship songs.  Pulling into the parking lot at the Cancer Center, we were greeted by the sweetest fireman and his beautiful pink truck, covered with signatures from cancer survivors all over the upstate.  He told about his precious wife who has been fighting for 12 years with such pride in his voice.  We then were greeted by my parents,  my mother-in-law, my best friend, and some of my “breast” friends too.  

Jett helped me sign in this final time, and as I laid on the table for the final boost, what song came on but Etta James’ “At last”.  How appropriate, huh?  
At last the day was here that we’d been counting down to.  At last I could rest in the mornings and not have to run out the door to my appointment. 
 At last I could say that I’d fought the fight.  
At last I could Praise God for carrying me ALL the way throughout this journey.  
At last, I could walk away a survivor.  

Tons of hugs were given by my sweet treatment girls, and then the bell was rung!  Whew!  What a feeling.  And to see the smile on my little guy’s face, knowing his mommy was going to be okay, had my heart overflowing with happiness.

 We added our names to the truck, alongside many other warriors who have fought this disease.  

 A trip to the Waffle House was next in order and then I headed over to sit with a friend who was getting chemo.  She was so kind to come to my final radiation, so I wanted to be with her during her treatment. 

 Little did I know that it was her first treatment where she’d been by herself.  God made that happen.  Seeing my chemo nurses and Sister Dorothy just made the day perfect, as I’ll always have such sweet memories of them, starting the first step to killing the cancer that tried to kill me.  At last I could hug them and say that I felt good, and thank you again.  I left there and went and saw my friend who has just recently been diagnosed.  We chatted for a good while about her plan and I just know that she’s going to do great.  

And the evening ended with a fun modeling session at my sweet friend Sally’s boutique, Southern Girl Chic, on Woodruff.  I met Sally right before my surgery and she’s been so kind to check on me weekly, and then asked me to come model for her yesterday.  What a fun way to get all fixed up after quite a day, full of emotions and tears.  She had balloons and tons of confetti to help make the celebrating even more fun!  
So what’s next?   
That’s the question everyone asks! 
 I meet with my oncologist on Wednesday morning first thing and will begin taking an oral chemo called Xeloda.  It’ll be taken daily for two weeks, and then I’ll take a week off.  This regimen will continue for 6 months, ending in October.  I’ll then have a hysterectomy in December, and then I’ll go on Arimidex for five years.  
As much as I hoped that radiation was the end for me, there’s still a lot ahead.  
My friend Lauren sent me the best little devotional yesterday...”To praise or pout?”  The Bible story told was  when Paul and Silas were wrongfully accused and thrown in prison.  Though they had every reason to pout, and be angry about this terrible situation they were in, they chose to glorify God’s name by praying and singing hymns to the Lord, while the other prisoners were listening.  God shook the Earth and the chains loosened, freeing the prisoners. In fear, the jailer almost took his life, as he knew he’d be blamed for the prisoners escaping, but Paul stopped him, because he and Silas stayed.  And because of this, several of the guards and prisoners came to know Jesus. 
So remember that although we may not rejoice in every situation given to us, we are told to always rejoice in the Lord.  

 So as hard as these times may be, and as easy as it could be to pout and be angry, I choose to praise Him.
I choose to trust Him. 
 I choose to have hope.  
And at last, I choose to live every single day to the fullest.  

Thank you for all of your prayers, Facebook messages, texts, calls, and love.  Y’all have been such an awesome tribe and I’m forever grateful.  

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”  James 1:2-3


A little sunshine never hurt anyone...

Sunshine is the best medicine!  
Is everyone else as happy as I was to see the sunshine after many days of gray skies and rain??!!  I was loving wearing all of my cute rain boots but I did not enjoy the cold, rainy yuckiness.

This week has been full of emotions-exciting but sad, and busy but also slow.  

I met with a young girl that I’ve never met but share mutual friends with on Wednesday night.   She was just diagnosed with breast cancer this month.  I’m sure I overwhelmed her and her sweet mother with information regarding chemo, surgery, radiation, and more.  As sad as it makes me to hear about another lady that has to go through this terrible disease, I do get excited sharing God’s promises and His love.  He is perfect and will carry us through every single day, without ever turning His back.  I’ve witnessed this and want to share this with others during their time of need.  And I also love to remind people that no one fights alone.  

It’s crazy to say that it’s like a sisterhood but it truly is.  We are forever changed by this disease and we have to lean on God and others for courage during the scary times.  
So after explaining the details of chemo reactions, and what pillows worked for me after surgery, and how I loved to suck on lemon drops to keep from being nauseated, down to the radiation routine, I had to stop and simply say, “God’s got this and you’ll be okay.”  And then also this week I learned that another friend of mine was diagnosed and will undergo treatment very soon. She will be going to the same cancer center I’ve spent so much time at recently.  I can’t wait for her to meet the wonderful doctors and nurses who were so awesome during the time that I was there.  

I sent her the verse above, and she responded back that it was her ultimate favorite in the Bible.  I didn’t know that information at all, but wow!  Y’all talk about God showing out and shining through!  His word gives light and he wants the best for us. Please join me in praying for these precious ladies and their families.  Their worlds are pretty “upside down” right now, as I’ve been there recently.  Pray for an all knowing peace and ultimate healing.  God is the ultimate physician and I ask that he heals them completely SOON!  

As for the slow part of the week. I’ve truly rested each day after radiation.  I’ve even crawled back in the bed for a couple of hours, covered up to help with the chills, and slept some.  I’ve also started watching a great Netflix show When Calls the Heart ❤️.   Each episode is full of sweet messages but the one today was just this:  God guides, God provides-Isaiah 58:11
And how he’s done just that throughout this journey for us.  He has carefully guided us down this rocky path, and provided for us immensely, by sending peace and with all of our family and friends to help us through the battle.  He’s also helped pick me up on the days where I thought I could do no more, and given me strength to set out on another adventure. 
This week was Jett’s Mother’s Day program at school. 

 The song, the brunch, the precious crafts!  Every little detail was perfect and made this momma so grateful to have such sweet teachers guiding my child each day. 
We also attended the Laugh for the Cure fundraiser.  I’m not too big on “comedy club” type things but the actual benefit part of the event was amazing.  Tons of money was raised for women fighting this disease.  I could’ve cried big ole ugly tears when the auctioneer shared her breast cancer story.  And then when the bidding began and generous donations were made to help pay for ladies to receive mammograms, wigs, medicine, and more!  My heart was filled with sunshine as the rain poured down outside the Cigar Warehouse downtown Greenville.  I am so thankful for these men and women as they gave money to help others battling this disease.  

  So talking about sunshine... 
Since J has to work Monday, he went with me to radiation today and we celebrated the next to last one.  
They let him come back to see the machine and then he had to stand in the hallway for about 5 seconds while they closed the massive door for “the boost” to occur.  

The boosts have been done on just the tumor bed area so they drew on my chest to mark the spot and then made this template like piece for the machine to know exactly where to radiate.  I looked at it on Wednesday and thought...wow!  That’s just for me?  

 After they finish, it is melted so that others can be made, but isn’t that neat?
  These last few have been super emotional as were the first ones.  The friendships I’ve made and then knowing that this is the final step of killing any cancer left in body, keeps me  a little tearful.  
But on days like today, the sunshine shined through, as I rang the bell as we’ve come to an end.  

J’s been with me every step of the way, and as we stated in our vows, “through sickness and in health”, 
he’s never let me down.
So today was a good one.  
A little sunshine never hurts anyone and I’ve got two guys that bring tons of it to my world.
 I couldn’t be more blessed.  

“I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.”  
John 12:46

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