Oh what a night!

"A sweet friendship refreshes the soul." Proverbs 27:9. 

That very verse sums up last night.  To be surrounded by 30 of the closest women in my life was a complete honor as I took the plunge and cut my hair.  Their precious voices sang and lifted me up by singing some of my favorite songs.  I'll never hear Matt Maher's "Lord, I Need You" and "Because He Lives" again and not think of this night. Chills ran all over my body.  There were times when I couldn't catch my breath, times when I couldn't look at my momma, and times when I knew I was wrapped in God's arms the entire time.   I cannot even begin to tell you how present God was in that room.  I cried, they cried, I laughed, they laughed.  

And hair fell to the floor all around me.  
Goodness it was a night full of emotions. 
 My sweet friend Emma who has been our family hairdresser for years did such a great job of calming my fears while taking on this job. 
 Y'all know I had a head full of thick hair so the cut took awhile to get it to this final style. But the wig had to come out immediately.  I'm a side-pony girl...have been and probably will be 70 (Lord willing) and still rocking it. 

The hugs and love after this big step let me know that even though I may look a little different, my friends and family would still stand by my side.  

My sweet Aunt Maria made this sad event a joyous one that made everyone more hopeful.  Delicious food, cactus cupcakes, and more! Who doesn't love a fun party??!!

So that was our night!  Seeing these wonderful faces of every facet of my life helped me to see more of the puzzle God gave me.  

When I got home, both J and Jett were asleep, thankfully.  I just wasn't ready to face them yet.  But around 4 am, Jett became restless.  (Yes, he sleeps with us). He immediately grabbed my hair, and said "Mommy, I like your hair long."  So I lost it, cried myself back to sleep and prayed.  Prayers for understanding, peace, comfort, resilience.  

And talk about resilience, I woke him up this morning, wearing my wig and he never said a word about it.  It must just look that much like my hair to him.  That made my heart so happy and made this morning perfect for our first day back to school.  Drop off was as easy as could be with no tears for him or mommy.  I have prayed for this day for over a week and God answered my prayers.  

So next up is staying healthy and well.  I meet my new little class on Friday and I am super excited about that but also about seeing my former Giddy-Ups.  

Keep the prayers coming folks!  Somebody asked me today how I felt and honestly, I feel healthy and like my normal self but now with a new hair do.  That's a praise in itself, right?!!  

" Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge. " Psalm 62:8



  1. Kristen, Everyone like to wear their hair a certain way but frankly I LOVED the short hair cut on you. It looks adorable. But you are beautiful no matter what hair style you choose. God gives you the beauty you have and the beauty others see.

  2. You are so strong!! This is one of the hardest parts, I think. I love the short hair cut but understand that you need do what is best for you. Love you!!

  3. Dear Kristen,
    Your Mom and I knew each other when we were in college, and we were housemates after we graduated and got our first teaching jobs. I knew your Dad when he was "courting" your Mom. I look back fondly on those days when we were just sweet young things! And we were pretty sweet all right!
    I've been following your blog and looking at the pictures of you and your wonderful family. I can see so much love among all of you. I can see that you are a beautiful, remarkable, amazingly strong young woman-and that you are a great Mom to your sweet boy Jett. I have just one child myself, a boy, David, who is 30! He's definitely got my heart as I'm sure Jett has yours.
    I want you to know that I will be thinking about you and your family every single day, and that I'll be sending up prayers for you. Remember every day that there are so many of us out here- we are your own special support group- and that we are sending prayers for your comfort, strength, peace and healing.
    Love to you and your family from an old Winthrop College friend.


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