Goodbye hair!

This above says it all!  No hair is on my head and what a wonderful feeling it is, I must say.  More about that in a few... 

This will be a short post but it's been awhile since I've posted.  The 48 hours after my second chemo was truly yucky, but once again I felt better on Sunday and have made it this far at school this week without collapsing on my 23 kiddos.  Exhausted doesn't even describe the feeling after school, but my Mom and Dad, J, and several parents at school,  have been a huge help.  

Jett continues to be such a trooper and he thinks his mommy is extra cool right now.  You see on Wednesday I came home with this little grey box on my arm (NEULASTA meds) that blinked and clicked, and made me like a robot in his eyes and the whole hair thing... bald one minute, Beyoncé hair the next??!  Whoa!  I'm even confused!!  And he hasn't missed a beat.  Thanks be to God for allowing this angel boy to love me through all of this.  We were in the car the other night and he said out of the blue..."praise the Lord, mommy!"  I immediately asked him for what, and he said "cause you have hair!"  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  It's when we get home and lay down when he reaches for it, that the tears begin to fall.  Gosh I love that boy and I know it will grow back! 

So what's to come...I have two more big rounds of Adriamycin (the red devil) and Cytoxan on September 6 and 20.  Then on October 6, I'll start 12 rounds of Taxol every Friday.  Surgery will follow in probably February, with radiation, and then reconstruction probably in the summer.  It's going to be a long year but God has this.  He has given me EVERY single little thing that I've needed to be able to sustain, along with your prayers.  He truly takes the fear away and has brought so many new people into my life that I've been able to help through this trying time.  Two precious women right here in Greenville that I've been in contact with are battling the "little c" and I just cannot wait to hug them when we meet.  Our time together will be precious as survivor meets survivor on this journey that we are on.  

Yesterday I had to have a head shot taken for the upcoming Pumps and Pearls Fashion Show in October. 

 How fun is it going to be to walk the runway (and try not to fall) with other precious survivor friends??!! Who doesn't love to be pampered and have a personal shopper pick out some fun clothes for ya!!??  Thanks to my friend Rachel who took the head shot pictures and Erica who always comes to my make up rescue!  And the wig!  Y'all!  I love it so much and may have to just wear it forevah!!!  Nah!  Hoping my hair will grow back and be somewhat fixable.  But thankful for something that makes me feel normal.  

But then today it got real again as I had to have my head completely shaved.  Most of my hair was gone but I had these crazy straggles in the weirdest places on my scalp that were driving me insane under my wig.  J was going to shave it for me but I happened to venture to the wig store to get a much needed"gripper".  You see... Jett almost pulled my wig off in church on Sunday.  Yeah that was hilarious!  So the precious lady at the wig store said she'd do it for me and that's what happened and I'm loving it.  Free!  That's a good word to describe the feeling!    

Now that I'm completely bald I can't help but think of this hilarious book I always read to my class each year.  If you've never read Stephanie's Ponytail by Robert Munsch, please do!  

This whole bald head thing just cracks me up as I think of the main character in the story.  She gets frustrated and wants to be unique at school so she tries all different types of hair styles and the kids copy her and then she threatens to shave her head.  She ends up not following through with that but her friends and teacher do.  This picture just makes me laugh until I could cry!  

So I don't want my wig falling off at school and traumatizing my little friends.  Hoping the gripper will be the answer!  

Again, thanks for all of your love and prayers.  Keep them coming as each week is an obstacle.  Please continue to pray for my immune system to stay strong.  I love my job and my students and just want to keep doing what I love.  

"Our heart has not turned back, nor have our steps departed from your way."  Psalm 44:18



  1. You absolutely look beautiful with your wig or bald. I love the no hair look on you--just beautiful!!!

  2. Jett and those children at school would love you no matter what. I have found children to be the most understanding. And you are beautiful even bald.

  3. I know you don't know me, but I have quite a few mutual friends and we are all praying for you. You are such an inspiration to everyone!!!
    Donna Russell


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