Port is in!!!!

Port is in and ready for Wednesday.   All went well and as expected.  I'm home and a little loopy, but resting. My precious husband is the best nurse ever.  Thanks for the prayers.  

Now that I'm feeling better, I'll write a little more about the port.  Jett spent the night at my parents last night because we had to be at the hospital so early.  It's times like this that I just don't know what I'd do without them.  Not a worry crosses my mind when he's with them and I know he's as content as can be.  They are another HUGE piece of the puzzle and I just thank God daily for their presence in our lives.  

My appointment was at 7 am and between St. Francis downtown, St.Francis at Patewood, and the Cancer Center at Millenium, it's hard to remember exactly which facility to go to at the right time.  We went to rhe right hospital, just not the right building so I was in a dead panic that I would miss my appointment time.  Thank goodness we made it by the skin of our teeth. The doctor that would place the port walked in and I recognized him as he did a surgery on my father-in-law recently.  What a small world!  The prep part was a little stressful as the first nurse didn't have success with the IV so they called another lady to come in and she was able to get it in.  I could've hugged her neck. For real! I don't do needles and never watch when they take blood so this part had my stomach in knots.  Remember, I've never had any type of surgery, cavity filled, etc., other than having Jett.  They didn't completely knock me out for this procedure but I felt super weird when they wheeled me in the operating room.  I was awake the entire time as they prepped me and I felt like I was watching an episode of Greys Anatomy.  They put a drape like tent over my face and shoulder so I couldn't see what they were doing while placing the port and for safety/infection reasons.  After that was over I was wheeled back to the room where J was waiting.  What a wonderful sight to see him standing there smiling at me.  Grits and toast were my first request and J made that happen at the cutest little hole in the wall "Memos" on Lauren's Road.  It hit the spot for this southern girl.  

The incision hurts like someone punched me in the chest and it's super awkward feeling.  Praying that the pain subsides and that infection stays away!  Luckily I was able to rest this afternoon and now have the best nurses by my bed, one big and one little.  The sweetest little hands touch my arm and say "I'll be gentle with you mommy, I promise".  

So now that this is in, we can begin the hard stuff next week.  Chemo Education is on Monday.  I know it'll be a ton of good information to make the next 4 months bearable.  Chemo begins on Wednesday at 10.  

Again, thanks for the prayers and comments on this little blog.  I draw so much strength from reading them and all of the texts I get throughout the day.  Seriously!  Everything that y'all have prayed for has turned out better than I ever imagined.  I've got one amazing support system and this girl appreciates it.  

So we will continue to take one day at a time, making each day count, and living it to the fullest.  Right now I've got the cutest little sleepy fellow beside me playing with my hair and kissing my cheek.  I will cherish these moments.  

"I have heard your prayer and seen your tears.  I will heal you."  2 Kings 20:5


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