The first of a first.

I've been dreading this day.  August 1st.  When I changed this little calendar today, it just made it all real.  August is the month when everything begins...the chemotherapy, tons of doctor visits, possible fatigue
and nausea.  And it's just set in, I guess.  It's the first of a first.  The first step of the process to cure this cactus that pricked me.   Speaking of cactus.🌵 Goodness!!  🌵

Y'all are amazing me with all of your cactus sightings and goodies that you've found.  Pictures sent to me of friends rocking their bracelets, painting fingernails, from coast to coast!  You just don't know how much it means to us to have your love pouring down on our family!  💗💗💗

Because of you all, checking the mail has become one of Jett's favorite things to do now.  He loves helping me open the sweetest, most thoughtful cards and sursies from my tribe.  He just squeals with happiness over packages and I just cry reading your sweet messages of inspiration.  

Those words have helped make the days doable.  Working in my classroom has helped too.  To keep my mind busy, I went to school and saw some of my wonderful coworkers.  Hugs and smiles from them all and I left that building feeling blessed once again.  Blessed to be loved.  God is just continuously reassuring me by using his people to remind me of His hope.  

My school and my classroom have always been one of my happy places.  I've spent weeks before school in the past preparing and this is the first time in many years that it's been so late to working in my room.   It's almost like God's way of making me rest and slowing me down.  But is beginning to look like a fun room again and my heart is happy!  

When my surgeon asked if I was planning on starting the year, I know I gave him the craziest look.  Of course I am!  I may be down and out after my first treatment but until then, it's one day at a time.  One foot in front of the other.  Knowing that my team is super supportive, having a great sub on hand, and a momma that will be helping me a lot, gives me hope that I can do it.  

So for this week I'm done working on my room.  I'll have a PET scan on Thursday and my port placed on Friday.  Pray for these two appointments to go smoothly, please. 
The first of August is almost over.  The first day of Fall will be here soon and that is my favorite season.  Clemson football, pumpkins, long sleeve t-shirts, and more!  Although this season will be WAY different, it's another period of time that God has given us and we will rejoice.  

And in these tough upcoming days, I get to look at these faces!  Every little thing will be alright.  

"Let the hearts of those that seek the Lord rejoice."  1 Chronicles 16:10



  1. What an inspiration you are to us all! Lots of love and many prayers for you!!

  2. Wow, friend. You bring God much glory. Praying as you battle. Remember, "the Lord will fight for you. You need only be still."


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