Meet the Teacher night!!!

Yesterday afternoon, I got to meet 20 out of 22 of my precious new Giddy-Ups.  This is one of my favorite nights of the year because I love seeing the excitement about a new year and the faces of MANY former students and their families.

  My friend Katherine, who will be subbing for me a lot this year, came and welcomed them as well.  It is such a great feeling to know that when I cannot physically be in the classroom this year, someone who loves children like I do will take my place.  Tuesday will be a big day for us all but I have no doubt that we will have a wonderful day in room 202.  This is my prayer daily.  

I teach with the best grade level of teachers.  Yesterday before the children came, we gathered in a circle and prayed for each other and our upcoming year.  That sweet moment left me in tears.  Tears of pride and happiness because how wonderful is it to have these Godly women in my life, down the hall, and by my side each day.  

So here we go!  One more day of planning on Monday for this year and then Tuesday we will welcome these children into our classrooms and begin teaching them.  Science, math, kindness to others, reading, responsibility, and more.  Our job is important.  

As for Jett and his first week back to school, he's done amazing!  He's walked into his class with no tears every single day and just made me so proud.  The pictures I get throughout the day reaffirm that he's just where he needs to be and we love his school and teachers.  

On a side note...after a busy week, I completely crashed last night.  Like 5 o' bed!  Whoa!  Now for a fun weekend with my guys.  

And one more thing....Thank you to my sweet Molly for ordering the prayer cactus for all of my prayer friend warriors!  Message her about pick up or check your email if you ordered one!  And how about it taking an 18 wheeler to deliver these??!!  Y'all!  Your prayers are big!  And they mean the world to us.  

So here are some prayer requests for this week:
Pray for Jett to continue loving school
Pray for my first day with my kiddos on Tuesday 
Pray for my counts and 2nd chemo treatment on Wednesday (J's bday) 
Pray that I can stay healthy while teaching 
Pray for all of our family during this time

Love you all!  

"He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge."  Psalm 91:4


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  1. Thankful that you already know who will be your sub if you have to be out and that she also met the children. Thankful that the teachers there are so supportive and believe in the power of prayer. Thankful for you and all the teachers who love children so much they give of their time to teach them. Thankful for YOU and the inspiration you give all of us. I'll be praying for all your concerns.


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