The real deal!

(Not sure what the crazy lines are below...hope you can still read!!??)

Wow!  This little cool dude has been a trooper during this first bout with chemo.  He's wild and crazy and sweet and loves his mommy sick and all, but whew!!  It's been the real deal!  Fatigue like NO other, nausea, headaches, light sensitivity, etc.  24 hours after my first chemo until now, and I've felt yucky!  So thankful for good medicines that help curb the side effects some.  

While confined to my bed some recently,
I've been looking for a quick app/devotion that would be good for when school starts back and I found it!  
I love the "Our Daily Bread" app on my phone and the devotion touched me so much this morning.  

And that's it.  He is my strength.   I've had to trust him and place ALL of my faith in him.  And "he makes my feet like the feet of deer"?  Wow!  The coolest thing has happened this summer.  We've had a momma and baby deer living in our pasture for awhile now and every morning the baby deer runs with the horses like they are in the Kentucky Derby.  I love watching her swift on her feet,  jumping almost higher than the height of the horses.  Being tiny in size doesn't stop her and so just like our faith may be tiny at times, like the size of a mustard seed, big miracles can happen if you believe.  I believe and am just waiting for that day of being completely healed. Download that app would ya and I just know it'll bring you closer to God's love each day.  

I did venture out of the house yesterday afternoon for four of the sweetest little girls birthday parties.  It took all I had in me but I did it and I'm glad.   Nothing could have stopped me from going and celebrating their precious lives.  I may not have felt great, and may have been a little grumpy to some, but we got through it and I collapsed when we got home.  Like 7:15, asleep!  

My sister and niece came by to check on me earlier yesterday and brought me some cute new socks and a pineapple slushee from Sonic and I do believe that's my new favorite drink 🍹 Eating isn't my favorite thing right now but I could drink an entire ocean!   

And after their visit, Erica came to bring me some more medicine and a few new magazine reads and lipstick...just what a girl needs, right!!??  Jeremy fixed me a big bowl of tomato soup and brought it to the bed and just as I was about to take my first bite, Jett jumped on the bed to play "snake" and tomato soup went EVERYWHERE.  I will not share the exact words that came out of my mouth,  but I was livid.  After fresh new linens, an outfit change, and a brand new bowl of soup, Jett and J went outside to have a serious talk and play so mommy could visit and rest.  I'm still glad it didn't burn him, Erica, or myself but oh my goodness, what a mess!  

So not much has been happening on the circle over the last 72 hours except for some good sleeping and looking out of windows.  Hoping today I turn the corner, can get to church, and then rest a little more.  

Thanks for all the prayers once again.  God knows our needs, exactly and I'm trusting in that.  Hoping that I feel back to myself real soon and can start this school year with my sweet staff this week and meet my kiddos on Friday at meet the teacher.  

Pray for me on Monday as I cut my hair.  Saying that makes me just cry a river.  Pray for Jett as he may see a different person, but the same mommy.  Pray for us as we both go back to school.  And pray for our families during this trying time.  It's hard on us all. It is the real deal!   

One more thing... our #tribecactus shirts are ready for preorder if you are interested!  

Love you all!  

"And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them"
Romans 8:28 



  1. Your story touches me so so much! As you may have seen, we lost my sweet Daddy April 30th to Kidney cancer. I HATE this disease and I HATE that another sweet person I know is having to battle this awful disease. But, your strength and faith are amazing and I am in awe of how you are handling this. We pray for you every day! Will be thinking of you on Monday as you cut your hair, and I a positive that Princess Cactus will be even ore beautiful with a sassy new cut!

  2. You will feel better! I saw my mom go through those few days after chemo and wow. I also have a cousin who will soon finish her chemo, have a little break and then on to radiation. She has four small children. You girls seem so young to have breast cancer. I am praying daily for all of you. Your faith is inspiring. Keep looking forward and up. Kay Thomason-Brumbaugh


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