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"I'm sending you a cd and I want you to listen to the first song."  Those were the words of my dearest friend, Jane.  She's the precious girl that drove 5 hours from Americus, Georgia to give me a hug as her Momma and husband took care of her four kiddos.  That's quite a friend, huh?  So I did just that.  I listened to the the first song and had to stop my car and have a crying session.  You know how some songs just truly touch your heart and move you to tears!?  Well this one did it.  And I want to share it with you.  Here are some of the lyrics and video. 

Find You Here

 I am a music lover...old and new country, hymns, oldies, 80's, contemporary Christian, you name it.  But this song.  Whoa!  Ellie Holcomb is the artist and she amazing.  I guess you could call this my life song.  

"I didn't know I'd find you here, in the middle

of my deepest fear."  Listen to those words.  They spoke to me like no other.  As nervous as I am about every upcoming thing, I constantly repeat those words in this song. And then... "You were overwhelming me with peace, you're gonna carry us through everything..." and that's what I have to trust in.  God knows the path that is up ahead and he'll carry me through it all.  

Another verse of the song talks about finding God in the middle of the desert place. 

 When I heard that verse, one thing popped into my head.  🌵Tribe Cactus 🌵 There is no desert like place around us because of God and our tribe. My friend Jamie shared this verse with me.  Psalm 63:1-3 says "You God, are my God, earnestly I seek you;  I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water...because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you."  She then wrote in a sweet note that the Living Water inside of you will sustain you.  For it is in the drought that the cactus continues to bloom, and is able to withstand the toughest conditions.

Tough conditions are on the horizon.  But God is here. 

So to help with those tough conditions, my sister-in-law, Amy, started a meal train for us.  Is that not a wonderful idea??!!  Here's the link to that and know we appreciate every ounce of help from you all.  Knowing my family will be fed when I'm not feeling my best warms my soul.  I'm sure I'll be eating some too!  

Meal Train

To wrap it up for tonight, another verse in the song talks about the road up ahead. 

This part of the song stuck out to me as I followed my best friend Erica home tonight.  She has the cutest orange and purple bike and wanted to ride it home from the roping pen.  It made me a little nervous watching her, but I had to chuckle.  Part of her trip was on a bumpy gravel driveway and then after turning out onto the straight narrow paved road, a deer jumped out in front of her.  Not scared, she turned around and smiled at me and just continued along with the wind blowing through her hair.  I pray that I can do just that.  Breeze through this upcoming journey like she did tonight, with confidence, a true feeling of peace, and God's grace.  

Speaking of roping pen, Pearl enjoyed her first adventure there tremendously.  I'm sure this trip was the first of many, as she loves being near her sweet big brother.  

So my PET scan is at noon tomorrow.  Please pray for a clear scan and a sense of calmness.  This girl doesn't do well in tight quarters.  Love you all!  


"Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you."  James 1:8


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  1. You have helped me feel at peace, sweet friend. Will be praying for you during your scan today. Love you friend.


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