The Swanky Steer

If you’ve known me for an hour, a day, months, or many years, you know that I have a big love for clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, and home decor.  I honestly take after my Granna (my mom’s mom) as she frequently visited the small town Belk and was constantly redecorating her beautiful home.  She had boxes of shoes and two closets full of clothes, and tons of beautiful jewelry to accessorize her perfect outfits.  She dressed her two daughters to a tee when growing up, with dresses she’d made my hand.  And she’d always try to pass down something when we visited her, to my mom or myself, with her kind soul. 

My parents also love to shop, and find fun antique stores, looking for good deals, and I think my dad likes it a little more than us all.  He’s always finding a new sport coat for Sundays, or a pair of shoes for a special occasion.
   And my best friend Erica, well, she loves it too.

 I’ll never forget when I was so sick after chemo, she’d come by with a shopping bag of clothes she’d found, completely outfitting me, purse and all. She knew just what would make me squeal with excitement, while feeling so yucky.
 And that’s love. 
She can bring tons of sunshine to the gloomiest day.  
She’s been by my side through every single step on this rocky road, bringing donuts to the nurses, food for our family, and holding my hand during the scariest times of my life.  She can make me laugh and think about the funniest things during the worst of times.  And that’s what best friends do and I love her for that.  So as I’ve been out on medical leave with radiation and now beginning an oral chemo regimen, I’ve had tons of time to pray, plan, and ponder this little idea.   
And having a best friend who has the same likes and interests, makes it so easy to begin a fun adventure.  
I once heard that a good friend knows all of your stories, but a best friend helps you write them. 
 And that describes our friendship perfectly.  
So with all that said, we’ve always had an idea in the back of our minds of starting a boutique of some sort.  
And that dream is beginning to come true.  
Best friends for over 20 years, Erica and I have always had a love for fashion and home decor.  Meeting each other in high school, staying in touch through college(at two different colleges), and then introducing her to her husband, J’s best buddy, we’ve become like family.  
The boys travel to team ropings on weekends,  all across the southeast, and we usually stay home with our little people, shop, eat dinner, and solve all of the world’s problems. 
 But not anymore.  We’re going with them!  
Realizing that each day is a gift, especially after my breast cancer diagnosis in July, proved that we could turn this dream into a reality, allowing for more family time.
So....The Swanky Steer is launching soon. 
We will begin with some local pop-ups and traveling some with our guys this summer.  And eventually we’ll be hauling a vintage horse trailer behind us, made with love by Erica’s Papa Bob, that’ll be used to showcase our products. We’ll have many different styles of ladies clothing, all with class and a whole lot of sass.  

Trendy t-shirts, tea towels, and pillows covers will be for sale, all made by hard working special education students under the supervision of their teacher, my precious cousin, Meredith.  Signature candles poured with love by our sweet friend Morgan at The Barn at PostOak, will be available, along with amazing jewelry, and several other “swanky” items. 
 This endeavor already, has been so much fun, and truly we’ve seen God’s handiwork the whole time.  We officially sat down and wrote out our “business plan” on April 16 (4/16). 
 And the very next week during my quiet time, I was studying Mark and that’s when I read Mark 4:16. 

The past nine months have been rocky but the seed that God has planted will bring so much joy.   
And that’s the exact feeling that we get when “working” to start this business.  
It’s been so fun having our pictures taken by Rachel Thompson-Moore, and pouring our branding ideas out while FaceTiming with a team of the cutest girls, Elliot and Erica, who have designed our brand and logo (Steeplechase Collective).  Meeting with vendors, and ordering products, has had us both “giddy”, especially when we each want to keep one of everything.  And all the while, God’s faithfulness and love are so present.  Our ultimate goal is to stay focused on THE ONE who brought us together.   We’ve prayed over this endeavor and asked God to lead, guide, and direct us every step of the way.  After reading another devotional,  on 4/16, this says it all.  
Through His love, we will love!  
And that’s exactly what we plan on doing. 
We can’t wait to help you find the perfect gift or outfit, share our story of God’s goodness, all while spreading joy in this life we are living.  

So come see us on Thursday, May 31 and Friday, June 1 at T. Ed Garrison arena for the SC High School rodeo finals.  
Or follow us on Instagram and enter our Giveaway contest and we’re on Facebook too!

“And may He work in us what is pleasing to Him, through Jesus Christ.”  Hebrews 13:21



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