Walk on. Have faith. Fear not.

Excited and fearless are I know two crazy words for the feelings that I had for this #4 treatment, but that's how I felt Wednesday morning.   I was slightly concerned that my counts may have been low because they were for #3 (90 and needed to be 100), but when they told me they were 129 and we were ready to go, I could've done a happy dance!  The last big one of the A/C cocktail!  I can tell that the tumor has shrunk by at least 50% just by feeling, and that is the best feeling in the world to know that these toxins being put in my body are working to kill this!  

So on the way up to the chemo pod I couldn't help but think of one of my favorite songs "Good, good Father".  It brings tears each time I hear it but man....it's true!  He's so good!  My favorite part is this... 

Perfect in all of your ways....never would I say that this road of cancer was perfect by any means, but seeing how much closer I am to my precious Lord and Savior because of this trial.  Yeah, He is perfect!  And the peace so unexplainable.  When I sit in that big chemo chair, or lay on the couch, or in our bed, I truly have an all consuming peace that whether I live 5 years after this battle or 50 years, the peace that I have, knowing that I'll live forever with Him is wonderful. I pray for a long life with all of those I love and those that  love me but his peace.  It's amazing!  

Chemo #4, like all of the others, was somewhat like a party.  My family and friends came to cheer me on, brought delicious treats and huge smiles.  My tribe never ceases to amaze me!  The nurses usually are very shocked by the number of people that come behind me and have told us that only 2 can be with me in the room at a time, but we seem to overlook that rule and stay quiet and no one says a thing.  It's amazing how small talk, visitors and food make the day fly by!

Clint and Cathy Carter came and prayed with us before it all began.  I just love them and will always remember their love and welcoming spirit when I changed my membership to FIFBC.  
The girl tribe kept me in stitches, talking about everything under the sun!  
And this sweet friend!  She was always like a another big sister to me, working at the jewelry store.  "Long friendships are like jewels, polished over time to become beautiful and enduring." ~Celia Brayfield
And didn't we polish our fair share of jewels, sweet Aimee!  
And sweet Meredith and my mother-in -❤️!  I just love them and am so glad they are a part of my family.   

My parent's preacher came and circled us in prayer and is always so precious with the texts he sends me daily as I am recovering.  

And then my massage therapist friend comes in each time to massage my feet right before I leave.  She's so gentle and soft spoken that I almost fall asleep and don't want to leave the heated massaging chair.  I'll miss seeing her but look forward to the Friday massage girl after a long day of teaching.  

And finally this boy!  He hasn't missed a doctor's appointment or a treatment and continues to hold me up
on my weakest days and sees me when I crumble.  God gave me you!  And I'm blessed beyond measure!  

I haven't felt like reading over the last three treatments but did yesterday, so these are two wonderful books that were given to me and I cannot put them down.  

Fervent is by Priscilla Shirer from the War Room and she does a jam up job coaching you on how to pray for every aspect of your life.  My favorite passage so far in her book is in the chapter about FEAR.  

And the other one, When God Doesn't Fix It, by Laura Story,      tells the story of when her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor and how she found joy in this terrible trial.  She discusses how tempted she was to be angry with God but then she says "am I going to let my circumstances determine my view of God or am I going to let God determine how I view my circumstances?   Wow!  One of Laura's songs says it all...we pray for your Your Mighty hand to ease our suffering.  


So now for another day of rest.  You'll find me laying in the bed probably wearing my new boots!  Ha! Nah!  I'll save them for tomorrow night but they came and fit and I can't wait to rock them.   Meeting the UPS man at the door with my bald head probably scarred him for life, but this overnight delivery made the day worth it!   

So for prayer requests... 
Pray for so many that have just recently found out about a new diagnosis and are suffering and worried.

Please pay that I continue to feel well and can stay active.  

Prayers for the upcoming 12 Taxol rounds through December. 

Prayers for decisions regarding surgery and reconstruction. 

Prayers for our family as they are continuously helping with Jett and making daily life run smoothly.  

And pray for those that are lost.  Pray that they can find Jesus and see His wonderful plan that he has for us all.  

Race for the Cure is next weekend and I'm so excited to see lots of friends who have already won this battle and those fighting alongside me!   It you haven't registered and would like to here's the link!  It's not too late!  

Race for the Cure

So that's all for now!  Walk on. Have faith. And fear not.  

"It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure."  2 Samuel 22:33


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