My middle name

My middle name is busy.  Everyone who knows me well knows that I stay on the go.  Having cancer hasn’t really slowed me down, except when the chemo effects were yucky.  And being tired kept me home a little more too.  But since I’ve been done with chemo, we haven’t stopped.  I’ve felt good and wanted to do things before my surgery.  

The snow made us stay home and the time together as a family was just what we needed.  It was gorgeous and we enjoyed several days off from school and got to be totally lazy!  
That precious time continued into last Friday as we ventured to Augusta, Georgia to the Cutting Horse Futurity.

We’ve been going to this for years and always have lots of fun.  They sell the best horse tack and J loves to shop for that.  And we enjoy watching the actual cutting. For those that don’t know what “cutting” is, it is where a horse and rider work as a team before a judge to demonstrate the horses’s ability to handle cattle during a 2 1/2 minute performance.  The athleticism of the horse is amazing to watch!   This year we went on Friday so we didn’t get to see but maybe 12 horses perform after we got there.  We love to go for the final night (Saturday) where they compete, but had other plans.  Jett loves anything horse related and was able to pick out some cool stuff to go with his new saddle he got for Christmas.  The best little seafood joint is nearby so we had a delicious lunch, including oysters, which Jett loved!  This thrilled our hearts as we are some major oyster lovers!   

The Greenville Swamp Rabbit hockey game was next up on the agenda.  It was such an honor to be invited by my friend and OBGYN, Dr. Keith.  She threw the puck out for the game and my oncologist, Dr. Dyar, beautifully sang the national anthem.   It was such a wonderful night as the hockey team wore special “Stick it to Cancer” jerseys, had a “smash car” where all money raised went to the new cancer park in Greenville, and honored those who have lost their battle with cancer and those still fighting.  

And then to cap off our weekend, Saturday was spent at the Insider Event in Clemson.  This was the second part of  being chosen as one of the Spirit of the Tiger nominees.  We toured the stadium, press box, locker room, and more.  Jett loved meeting the TIGER and his day was made when we received our signed football.  We continued in Clemson tradition by eating lunch at the ESSO and attending the Notre Dame/Clemson basketball game.  Clemson won which sealed the deal.  And then as if that wasn’t enough fun for the day, we walked out of the arena and ran smack into Dabo!  Literally, he was walking back into the arena from the concourse that were walking out of.  He is just such a great guy and meeting him was the icing on the cake.

Talk about having to come down off of cloud nine!  Whew!  I truly tried to take in every single moment of this crazy, but exciting day.  

As I watched my daddy stare out at the beautiful football field, I know that he had to of been remembering my sweet uncle who battled this disease, but loved Clemson.  And then to listen to my momma share my story with a fellow honoree, and know how hard it was for her to say “my daughter has cancer”.  Lastly, watching J and Jett run up and down the hill at the place that brings so much joy to my heart...I couldn’t help but pinch myself, thinking of how blessed I was to be spending such a gorgeous day with folks  who love me so?  And to think of how much they’ve already done, devoting such time to care for me!  What in the world would I do without them?

And as I think of my love for them,  I cannot help but think about the love that God has for us, as His children.  He is constantly watching over us daily, and is there for us every waking minute, to hear our cry.  So as busy as I seem to be, my goal for the next year is to try to slow down, cherish every second of my life and my tribe, and thank our Lord for ALL He has blessed us with.  This disease won’t keep me from enjoying life and little moments.

This week, I lost half of a fingernail due to Taxol and got my first cavity filled (I’m blaming chemo for that, too).  I also had to have an ultrasound because I felt as if my tumor had grown.  When I heard the sweet girl say, “it’s the same size as it was in the MRI, and there’s been no change”, I wanted to hug her neck.  How relieved I was to hear those words!  And then after a stressful day worrying about that, I came home to an amazing care package with tons of goodies to help after surgery from Nothing Pink, Inc.  This organization helps women with funding for genetic testing, which can help with early detection of those who have the breast cancer gene.  I just continue to be blessed by others who are so precious.  We want to give back and spread joy to many, as we’ve been so loved on during this time.  

So when I look at my ugly finger and and think about my dumb cavity, I tell myself to quit whining and to remember that both of those were caused by the poisons I’ve had flowing through my body to KILL this disease.  So despite these “not so good” things, good is coming.  I know it is.  And trusting completely is hard to do, but I am assured by His faithfulness and presence.  

Next up is a fun weekend in Charleston with our best friends, pre-op appointment, a good-bye Dolly party ( read that right and I’ll share more on that later!), and then surgery to rid my body of “the little c”.  February 7 is coming quickly and Kristen “Busy” Gault is ready.  

Prayer requests:
-pray for us to stay healthy
-pray for the team that will do my surgery
-pray for our whole family as we plan and prepare for surgery day
-pray for all those that are sick, undergoing treatment, and have recently had surgery
-pray for my sweet teaching buddy who lost her husband last week to cancer 

“The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children”.  Romans 8:16 


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