Soaring like an eagle...

After 17 years of teaching, I still get excited about setting up my classroom each year for a precious new group of students. 

The unpacking process is usually a chore, as we have to pack it all up, but this year, thanks to my awesome long term sub, the unpacking part was so organized and easy.  Bulletin boards were still in tact, and all items on the wall looked like they did at the beginning of the year, and not faded.  I forgot to leave a map for the custodians of furniture arrangement at the end of the year and thankfully, our school secretary called me while I was at the beach to ask for this.  I immediately sketched it out and sent it to her via email.  Every single piece of furniture was placed back in the correct spot.  Never has this happened.  It was almost like God came in before I did and made this job as easy as He could for me.  So the finishing touches just had to be done and prep for meet the teacher. 

 My niece that will be 9 soon, came and helped me, along with Jett and my best friend’s daughter. 

 The help of little friends makes it more fun and shows them the work that goes into making a classroom a home.   
Now I can enjoy the last few days of summer with my little guy before we start back with the daily routine of busy weekdays.   We’ve got a few more fun things planned and I’m trying to soak up every second of my time with him, as he’s growing and changing every day.

 I also want to end this summer thanking God for a wonderful time of rest.  I had an extended spring/summer break, after my surgery, but that time was so needed and I truly feel as if it prepared my heart for this fall.  I’ve been  praying for my future class of students, their parents, and our school. 
I’ve prayed for God to give me the strength to be 100% for my kiddos.  I have missed being in the classroom and I know that it’s going to take awhile for me to get back in the swing of things.  But He’s good like that, and I know that He’ll continue to hold me up and surround me with precious people to help each day.

BCES is home to me, after being there all but one of my 17 years of teaching.  The staff loved on me like no other last year during my battle and they’ve truly become like family.  

The morning before we went to work at school, I read from a devotion my mom gave me by Billy Graham’s daughter called “Why?”

  In the chapter about “trusting God’s purpose”, she wrote about how we can either be like a turkey or an eagle when faced with a storm.  A turkey usually runs and hides, hoping the storm will go away.  And for the eagle-he leaves the nest, spreads his wings to ride out the storm, trusting that they’ll carry him higher in the sky than he could soaring on his own.  As I read this, I knew I was going to work in my classroom and it just spoke to me so much.  Our school mascot is an eagle and that’s exactly what I’ve had to do during this scary time in my life... spread my wings of faith, fly harder than I’ve ever done so, embrace the wind, and trust in Jesus.  So for this upcoming year, I plan to soar a little higher each day, thankful for another year of life.  I feel rested, healthy, and ready to do just what I love, 
teach the children of tomorrow.  

Today’s appointment went well.  My little sidekick went with me and let’s just say it’s really hard for a 4 year old
to be good for 2 hours, waiting.  He did his best, and he liked seeing my doctor, which he’s heard a lot about.  
So the ultrasound showed that I have something called a “fatty liver”, which is fairly common, and after taking the oral chemo for three cycles, my bilirubin numbers went up significantly.  My doctor feels that it is safe for me to continue 3-4 more rounds of the chemo, to hopefully prevent reoccurrence, and we will just monitor my liver constantly throughout this time.  He reduced the dosage even more so I’m praying that the side effects will be minimal.  A hysterectomy is planned for late December, and then Arimidex,  a hormone replacement chemotherapy will be taken for 5-10 years.  Dr. Dyar had been wonderful and I truly believe that his plan aligns with God’s plan.  

So now, I’m ready to soar.  

I’ll be flying high this year with my sweet students daily, 
and then I’ll land at home (or most likely crash)
 in our nest each afternoon, and spend time with my guys.

 Each day is a journey in itself.
  I can’t wait to travel alongside each individual student and help them soar too.
  And this mama eagle is super excited for
Jett this year. 
 His love for learning is contagious and he’s going to have a great time in K4.

I hope that you’ll be like an eagle too.  

Fly high each day, take it ALL in,
 and trust in our precious Savior.  

Thanks for all of your prayers.  We love you all and constantly thank God for our tribe.  

“He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings, you will find refuge.”  Psalms 91:4


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